A.. Participants, Buyers and Visitors must adhere to the Laws of the Land and be respectful to the cultural and social norms of this country

B. No alcoholic beverages, smoking, fireworks, inflammable objects, explosives, legal & illegal firearms and pets are allowed inside the venue premises

C. Participants are solely responsible to compensate for the damages caused by their guests, buyers, visitors or vendors either to the venue, materials or any other part of the property

D. Participants must act in accordance with venue’s Safety and Security regulations. No one is allowed to enter the venue with sharp or lethal objects that might be deemed risky for human beings

E. Expo Organizers reserve the right to cancel/withhold the booking of a participant on ground to non-compliance relating to (1) Financial (2) Legal (3) Company Documents (4) Misconduct

F. For Reasons beyond Control which include Acts of God, Climate Condition, Government’s Decision, Accidents, Political Situation etc., the Expo Organizers may be unable to perform following the agreement which may again result into the cancellation of agreement. In that case, Expo Organizers shall not be liable for any damages caused as a result of the termination

G. Guidelines for Expo Participants

  1. Pavilion Size: (a) 36 feet X 24 feet (b) 58 feet X 20 feet

  2. Stall Size: 12 feet X 12 feet

  3. Pavilion Floor Height: Max 6 inches

  4. Pavilion Structure Height: Max 10 feet

  5. Need to use floor mat or thick plastic mat before constructing pavilion, otherwise Expo Organizers will not allow to build any structure

  6. 2 chairs & 1 table will be provided by the event management company for the stall

  7. The design need to be done within the given allocation of pavilion size

  8. Only electricity cable point will be provided with

  9. Event ID Card for each personnel will be provided during the expo time

  10. No personnel will be allowed in the venue without the Event ID Card before the inauguration of the Expo

  11. Set-Up Start Time: May 12, 12:00 AM (midnight)

  12. Set-Up End Time: May 12, 10 PM (night)

  13. No one will be allowed to be in the venue or continue with building structure or else after end of set-up time

  14. Expo Operation Time: 10:00 AM to 9:00 AM (4 days)

  15. Water, decoration, installation or other accessories need to be gathered by the Participants

  16. During installation and construction of Pavilions, security personnel need to be deployed by the Participants

  17. After the completion of pavilion/stall construction, the Event Management company will deploy their security personnel and they will be there till the end of the Expo

  18. Participants are requested not to leave or keep their cash, valuables, personal gadgets in their pavilion during night. If any mishap happens, Event Management company shall not be responsible

  19. No food will be provided to the Participants

  20. Emergency fire extinguisher (small size) may be kept by the Participants

  21. After the end of the Expo, all kinds of installations shall have to be cleared by the Participants on their own by May 16, 2018 (12:00 PM, midnight)

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